Our Investor relationships are key to the success of our organization which is why the Principals and President stand at the ready to make themselves available to all of our investors.  As a collective the organization does our best to provide the level of communication that “takes away the questions” and we make ourselves available to any investor that has a concern, question or needs guidance in making the next investment.

MC Companies is a Real Estate Investment Firm at the core.  We not only focus on providing quality investments we utilize our resources and knowledge to educate, share data and provide complete transparency.  Each year we hold an Investor Summit where our Investors are invited to stay in our home town of Scottsdale Arizona and enjoy a two-day summit covering all of the important topics.  We bring in experts in many areas like Taxes, Legal and of course the entire Property Management team.  Each division of the team is given ample time to share what is happening in the company and what we see on the horizon.  The picture is shared in an open and honest forum with each investor having the opportunity to mingle and break bread with the MC Companies team.  We feel communication is the key to providing the best investor relations.

In 2020 MC Companies added a Director of Investor Relations to produce top quality reporting, provide daily support and improve communications around all new funds and opportunities to invest.  The outlook for MC Companies is now better than ever in terms of providing our current and new investors with the ability to join us in our success.

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