$100,000 is the minimum investment for MC Companies opportunities.

MC Companies accepts only accredited investors. If you are unfamiliar with the definition of an accredited investor, click here to view the SEC’s definition and here to view the latest update.  If you are not an accredited investors, we’re sorry we will not be able to partner with you at this time

No, any investment is a risk and we want to be sure our investors are protected. MC doesn’t want anyone to lose their life savings. You have to be able to accept the risk.

Yes, but it must be an LLC and it cannot be a single-member LLC.

After you create an account on the MC Companies platform you will have access to review any new deal opportunities whenever those are available. When a deal is open for investment, the technology will guide you through the subscription process. You will be able to create your investment profiles (LLC, IRA, Trust, individual), sign legal documents, and set up a bank account to receive distributions. The investment is not final until all legal documents have been signed and funding has been contributed and cleared. 

At this time, we do not accept 1031 Exchange Funds.

Yes, but we must receive funds by the funding deadline. IRAs often take awhile to send funds and if you miss the deadline, you risk being removed from the deal.

At this time, we are not building or investing in Senior Housing facilities.

At this time, we do not invest in Opportunity Zones.

MC constantly reviews its portfolios and properties and will take any action recommended by our CPAs, including cost segregation studies, tax analysis, or changes in tax laws,  that will maximize the after-tax benefits to our investors

Yes, the depreciation flows through to the LP class on the yearly K-1.

Go to and at the top of the page, you will see Investor Login. Click on that and it will take you to the login page so you can enter your username and password. Your username is the email address that you registered with MC Companies.

When you log in, look at the bottom right corner of the screen. You will see a large orange question mark (?) and you can submit your issue there. MC Companies is copied on all portal issues so we can document any problems you’re having.

Payments are made via EFT 30 days after the quarter ends.

MC Companies values your privacy. For your convenience, all information can be updated in the investor portal safely and confidentially. MC Companies will be notified as soon as your information is changed in the portal.

No. At this time there is no way to upload a document to your portal. If you need to share confidential documents, email and they can help.

There are many factors that affect the annual tax outcome, and we are not able to provide investors with individual estimates. An investor may consult with their CPA for an estimate using the deal Sources and Uses and Financial Projections provided in the Business Plan. 

The distributions from operations are classified as ordinary income, depending on a number of factors as determined by the CPA at the end of each tax year. The income is sheltered by the depreciation losses passed through to the investors so you will incur net losses for tax purposes.

The preferred return is accrued and paid only from the operating income. If operating income is insufficient to pay the preferred return, it is accrued and paid first when income is available. There is no distribution to the GP unless the LP is current on the preferred return payments.

There is no tax due from cash out refinance proceeds.

We constantly evaluate the markets in which we operate to determine when it’s best to refinance or sell. The five-year timeline is representative of what we expect. If market conditions change, we will make the appropriate decision at that time which may cause our hold period to be shorter or longer than the initial business plan intended.

We can produce a statement upon request that will be uploaded to your portal, then you can send securely to your IRA platform.

We will work with you to find another investor to sell out to, but we do not advise either party as to price, terms, etc. You are responsible for arranging the deal between you and the buyer. We only prepare the documents for the transfer of interest. The buyer must be an accredited investor.

Yes, we have an annual investor summit which we expect will occur virtually in the future.

We aim for at least one deal per quarter, but it is completely market-driven.

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