Autumn Selwood, Director of Corporate Operations

Autumn, a seasoned professional, boasts a distinguished 18-year journey with MC Companies, evolving from a receptionist to her current role as the Director of Corporate Operations. Over the course of 9 years, she navigated a progressive trajectory, starting as a Project Manager and advancing through the ranks to her current position. As the linchpin for operational efficiency, Autumn quarterbacks pain points and ensures a seamless cross-departmental flow.

In her leadership capacity, Autumn oversees the Administrative and IT Departments, along with managing the Travel and Credit Card Programs. A strategic partner to the Executive Team, she actively contributes to shaping and achieving company objectives. Beyond her corporate responsibilities, Autumn is a dedicated committee member of the Philanthropic Foundation, Sharing The Good Lifeā„¢, underscoring her commitment to community impact.

Hailing from Detroit, Michigan, Autumn’s professional acumen is complemented by her 7-year stint in Marketing and Graphic Design during a hiatus. Her commitment extends beyond the corporate realm, having served on the walk committee for Autism Speaks for several years, showcasing her dedication to social causes.