Mc Companies seeks investment opportunities in our geographical area of expertise, primarily in the Southwest with a heavy focus on the acquisition of Class A multifamily, Class B with value-add opportunities within high barrier-to-entry markets.  Since 2001, we have purchased approximately $3.8 billion in multifamily assets.  Through our valued relationship with lenders we are known for having significant access to capital, the ability to execute transactions quickly, and the capacity and expertise to execute multiple transactions simultaneously.

Our disciplined, research-driven investment strategy focuses on acquiring assets in markets where the fundamental performance drivers indicate that above average returns can be achieved, value add options are viable and a long-term hold makes sense. 

Our detailed due diligence process utilizes the full resources of MC Companies vertically-integrated business model, including Property Management, Marketing, Construction and Development, Legal and Accounting.

The Acquisition team is a critical part in producing consistently strong returns. Our long-standing relationships, ability to underwrite diverse operating scenarios, access to capital and long history of performance make us a competitive and well-respected investor on behalf of MC Companies investment funds.

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