Sharing the Good Life means providing the best in customer service and to keep residents happy in our apartment homes.


Sharing the Good Life for our investors means careful market analysis and intelligent stewardship of the assets.


Sharing the Good Life means that as company we value our people...there is no company without great people doing great things.
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M-Motivated: Employees are motivated to do more, want more and be more; and we provide them the resources to accomplish this through rich benefits, Paid time off, competitive pay, and opportunity to grow.

C-Charitable: Employees are encouraged to be Charitable with their time, resources, and money; the company has a 501C 3 and provides each employee 16 hours of Voluntary Time Off (VTO) annually.

L-Leadership:  An Inspired atmosphere centered around servant leadership is promoted throughout the organization; helping our team members grow and see the benefits of putting others before themselves.

I-Integrity: is a characteristic we believe exists in each of our employees, allowing them to develop honest fulfilling relationships with each other and our residents.

F-Fun: As a company, we encourage a Fun atmosphere by sharing and celebrating wins and taking time to collaborate with one another.

E-Exceed: We seek to exceed the expectations of our employees and residents by providing a comfortable, affordable place to live and a rewarding career in a field with many possibilities.