Our mission is to acquire sound, profitable real estate investments and manage them to the benefit of those we serve better than anyone in our industry.


MC Companies is a group of individuals who are united as a team, dedicated to providing our residents, associates, and investors, with an experience that is pleasant and rewarding, and provides lasting value. We are unified in our desire to accomplish those goals, and to do so all of us at MC have adopted certain Core Values. Our Core Values are what drive every decision and action you will take during your workday, and how we expect our teammates to act with everyone they encounter. We have five Core Values:

    • Be Positive
    • Be Aware and Present
    • Be Open Minded
    • Be Giving
    • Be Respectful and Kind

Be Positive – Every day, each of us comes to work with a positive attitude. When we look at an opportunity or challenge, we will approach it with the idea that the action we take will have a positive result for all involved. Being Positive DOES NOT mean giving in, but rather means working together to find the best solution for all involved. Positive energy is a choice.  Everyone at MC makes that choice each day. It is in our DNA.  Smiles and hugs are abundant and come easily.  We are happy people, and we make other people happy.

 “The positive thinker sees the invisible, feels the intangible, and achieves the impossible.” – Winston Churchill

Be Aware and Present – In each interaction throughout the day, we stay present with the person we are interacting with. We do that by eliminating distractions such as telephones, email and other people, while making and maintaining eye contact, and active listening.  We are transparent and open about how we feel, we think before responding. We will assume each person that we deal with has the same integrity and dedication as we do, and by being Aware and Present we show them respect, and that they are important to us.

Awareness is the greatest agent for change.” – Eckhart Tolle

Be Open Minded – Being Open Minded means that while our own ideas are important, we are willing to consider someone else’s point of view. It also means that we need to be transparent of our needs, and do not judge on surface appearances. We keep in mind that we do not know what other people may be going through. We look to learn from them and improve.

Seek first to understand, then to be understood.” – Saint Francis of Assisi

Be Giving – We at MC recognize that we are successful, not just because of our efforts and dedication, but because of the people that have come into our lives. None of us have succeeded alone, it is the result of help we have received from others.  We recognize that we have a responsibility to give back, in time and money, to our friends, teammates, customers, and to our communities. We ask “How can I help?” no matter how busy we are. We never leave a teammate in need – we care more about others than ourselves. We are united as a team, we learn, grow and we win as a team. That is how we will succeed.

The wise man does not lay up his own treasures.  The more he gives to others, the more he has for his own.” – Lao Tzu

Be Respectful and Kind – We have so many opportunities during the day to decide how we are going to treat someone. In every interaction, we will show respect for each person, and we will take every opportunity to act thoughtfully, in a way that shows kindness and respect to all. Before we speak, we ask ourselves; is it true? kind? respectful? Am I trying to understand?

 “Genuine kindness is not an act of weakness, but rather a powerful demonstration of confidence in your purpose.  Not at all naïve or unrealistic, kindness is a sign of true strength and respect.” – Unknown

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