MC Companies has been making Real estate Investing simple since 2001.  The founder’s Ross McCallister and Ken McElroy have been leaders in the industry for over 30 years and have helped many achieve their dreams of Real Estate Investing a reality.  The philosophy of both is rooted in the fundamentals of Management, Ownership and Preservation of each asset.  They act as the stewards of the company and maintain an active role in every quadrant of the organization.

Real Estate Investing is our core business and we know the best way to provide the highest returns is to manage each asset ourselves.  Lesley Brice, the President and Partner at MC Companies leads the Management and Finance teams that make MC Companies successful.  She and her team drive the performance of each asset to ensure the best returns for each investment with the long-term goals in mind.

MC Companies tag line is “Sharing the Good Life” and that means something different to everyone.  For our Investors, it means that we perform at our highest level and help them achieve financial security, look towards the future and prepare for what comes next.  We do this by advising and making smart investments.  This means careful market analysis and intelligent stewardship of the assets.

For our residents, Sharing the Good Life means providing the best in class customer service and value. MC is diligent in our quest to stay in touch through our customers’ journey.  We look for every touch point to be an opportunity to take in our customers’ feedback and keep happy residents happy for as long as they choose to call our apartment homes…home.

For our employees, Sharing the Good Life means that as a company we value our people…there is no company without great people doing great things.  Culture is not something that just happens at MC it is tended to with purpose and passion.  Our teams are encouraged to get involved in the community and given every path to do so from paid time off to volunteer to the opportunity to donate vacation days to charity.

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