Going Solo: Scrapping the Agent-Led Apartment Tour
By Kayla Devon
September 29, 2014 Leasing agents are a crucial point of contact for prospective residents, a community's "first impression." But just like car salesmen, they can get clingy on tours, and many consumers instead favor the "soft sell" approach. At MC Residential, leasing agents stay out of the way by simply drawing a map to the building from the leasing office and handing the prospective tenants the keys.

Source: Multi Family Executive
MC Residential Rolling Out Different Approach to Leasing Tours
By Joshua Ayers, Senior Editor
September 26, 2014 Taking the stance that salespeople often get in the way of and create an uncomfortable atmosphere for the consumer, MC Residential is in the process of rolling out a new apartment touring strategy that gives the prospect the opportunity to view apartments without the distraction of leasing staff. The program, dubbed Go Solo has already been implemented at seven apartment communities in the Tucson, Ariz. area, with the goal of implementing the program in other markets across the country.

Source: Multi Housing News
Keep Housing Improvement In Perspective
By: By Roger Yohem

July 27, 2012

It was a harsh message when Wells Fargo national economist Mark Vitner said it to a Tucson audience in February and he re-emphasized the point in his national mid-year update this month: keep the housing market's improvements in perspective.

Source: Inside Tucson Business